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Value of Home Insurance for a Personal Injury Case

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Injury Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario Stress the Value of Home Insurance for a Personal Injury Case

If you become a victim of a personal injury accident and do not have disability insurance or qualify for benefits under another type of insurance policy, a home insurance policy may have liability insurance coverage for you. Insurance is meant to give some measure of protection, at least financially, where an injury occurs. A claim for damages under home insurance can be made if the accident occurred at the policyholder’s home or as a result of that person’s actions. You just need the homeowner’s basic personal information (e.g., name and address) and the home insurance needs to be in good standing (i.e., the premium payments are up-to-date). Your personal injury lawyer can locate the insurance information with some research, if needed.

What Is Liability Insurance and How Does It Work?

The liability insurance portion of the homeowner’s insurance covers legal liability for an injury that occurred while on the insured property or limited actions of the policyholder that occurred away from the home. For example, a home that is under renovation and has no contents to be protected should still be protected in the event of an injury of a worker, homeowner, guest or even a trespasser.

Once the insurance company is notified, an adjuster may be assigned, who then may send the homeowner a reservation of rights letter, which is a notice from the company about the claim. The letter does not mean acceptance of liability to pay for damages to the injured party, but rather that the insurance company will be defending the case. The insurance company will then select a lawyer and approve the payment of legal fees and other expenses of the lawsuit. The insurance company has no obligation to obtain the policyholder’s consent or approval to defend the case and typically has the contractual right to defend or settle the case on its own.