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Trip and Fall Accidents Lawyers in Ottawa

  • Pursuing Premises Liability Claims in Ontario

    We represent clients who have been injured in slip-and-fall accidents in Ottawa, Toronto and the GTA, and throughout Eastern Ontario. We have extensive experience pursuing claims stemming from slip-and-fall accidents suffered due to factors such as:

    • Ice and snow
    • Poor lighting
    • Falling merchandise
    • Slippery surfaces
    • Hidden hazards

    Achieving successful outcomes in these cases requires a thorough investigation, so it is crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible after you or a family member has been injured. Claims can turn on details as narrow as whether the water on the floor of a grocery store is dirty, indicating that it was there long enough for someone to notice it and remove the hazard. An early investigation is often the key to uncovering these facts, along with evidence such as surveillance videos.

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  • What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

    Ontario hospitals receive an alarming number of slip and fall accident victims every year.

    Do you know what to do if it happens to you?

    In addition to the physical effects of a mishap like this, slip and fall cases can be complicated.

    Actions you should take

    We advise you to take the following steps to first get proper medical care and then legal counsel after the accident:

    1. Seek medical assistance. First and foremost, get the medical assistance you need after the injury. If you are alone at home and near a cellphone, call for help. If you’re in a public place, ask someone to help you. Don’t ignore the incident even if you are able to walk. You still need to visit the hospital and have a doctor evaluate the situation. You could be suffering from underlying injuries that aren’t apparent.
    2. Inform the property owner. If the accident occurred on private property, Inform the landlord, property owner or homeowner about the incident. If the accident happened at a business, you should complete an accident report and give it to the person in charge. Make sure you have a copy for yourself! The accident report is a crucial document should you decide to file a personal injury claim. If you have to be rushed to the hospital before getting the accident report, call or revisit the place of business to get a copy.
    3. Gather substantial evidence. To receive full and fair compensation for your injuries, you’ll need to collect adequate evidence. Photos of the accident scene are an asset to your case. Other pieces of helpful information include the shoes or clothing you were wearing, contact details for witnesses, medical reports and/or diagnostic results, and any medical bills related to your injuries. Your Ottawa personal injury lawyer will advise you on other forms of evidence you may need to prove your claim, such as proof of lost wages, for example.
    4. Find an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer. Slip and fall cases can be complex. Without the help of a qualified lawyer, you could be left with serious injuries and bills to pay without the negligent party’s financial help. A lawyer will make sure the other party meets their financial responsibilities to you by gathering all evidence and supporting documents for the claim. You’re more likely to obtain fair and complete compensation with a qualified slip and fall accident lawyer on your side.
    5. Document every detail of your injury. Even after getting legal counsel, you still need to document all aspects of your injury in order for your personal injury lawyer to build a solid case. For instance, keep a record of all your medical appointments since the slip and fall incident. Keep receipts from medical bills and any other injury-related purchases you made. Don’t forget to include gas receipts from trips to the doctor or the hospital.

    The best case scenario is that you never need this advice! In the unfortunate event that you do, follow these steps to receive the benefits that you deserve.


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    Our personal injury law firm has decades of experience in helping victims of traffic accidents.
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    We Understand Health Care
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    Serious Injuries Are Our Specialty
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    Expertise in Accident Benefits

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