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Ottawa, Ontario Fatal Accidents and the Family Law Act

As a life-long Ottawa resident and having practiced law here for the past 12 years, I have noticed a saddening trend: the number of fatal accidents appears to be rising. A number of factors may be contributing to this pattern: there are more high-speed collisions, climate change has resulted in more freezing rain (hence icy roadways), and, tragically, many more young people appear to be on the roads. Of course, alcohol continues to be a prime factor in motor vehicle deaths and accidents in general.

As a personal injury lawyer I have represented many families who have lost loved ones. They are the most heartbreaking of clients, and desire some form of retribution for the loss of their family members.

In the days and weeks following such an accident, most families are too mired in grief, emotions, funeral planning, and administrative details to deal with legal matters, especially those related to insurance. If you know someone currently in this situation, the following information may be of help once the initial shock and flurry of activity dissipates.