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LTD Disability Coverage in Ottawa

Long-Term Disability Coverage is available primarily through an employer benefits plan or private purchase. According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, 1 in 3 people, on average, will be disabled for 90 days or more at least once before they reach age 65. As a result, more than 10 million Canadians receive benefits under group LTD plans.

What is LTD?

LTD is a form of income replacement in the event that you are unable to work due to a long-term medical condition beyond the LTD qualifying period. Typically, the coverage is 60 to 85 percent of your income, subject to a maximum dollar amount (e.g., $5000 per month) and sometimes raised for increased cost of living, up to 3 percent. The policy becomes effective after short-term disability insurance (of usually 120 days) or Employment Insurance (EI) benefits have been exhausted. LTD coverage does not require the illness or injury to be related to the job, except in the case of Worker’s Compensation LTD.