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Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims in Toronto

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is intended to provide replacement income for those who are disabled from work. Yet, in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, with a population of 2.79 million people (5.5 million in the Greater Toronto Area), the number of claimants who have been denied payment of their LTD claims is astounding. Eight percent of Canada’s population lives in Toronto, which is home to 30 percent of all recent immigrants to Canada. Denial of LTD claims may therefore be affecting some of the newest members of our society, who often know very little about their legal rights.

At the same time as many LTD claimants are denied LTD claims from the outset, there are many claimants whose benefits were accepted, but then were terminated early by the insurance company. If your LTD benefits are terminated, it is important to read the letter from the insurance company carefully to ascertain the reason given for the termination. It is possible that certain forms were not provided and you may still be able to provide that information with a reason for the delay in providing the information. If the insurance company requires that you provide “œobjective evidence” of disability, you should look to see where this is stated in the insurance policy to ensure that the policy contains this requirement.

Toronto Disability Benefits Lawyers

Do you reside in Toronto or the Ottawa region and have questions about why your LTD benefits that have been denied or terminated? You should speak to a long-term disability lawyer at Yegendorf Rashid as soon as possible before making any decisions or taking any steps regarding your claim. We can help you with your LTD claim. Our main office is located in Ottawa but we have meeting space available in Toronto to meet with you. We have LTD experts at our Ottawa law firm who frequently meet LTD claimants in Toronto. Often these matters are extremely time sensitive, so call us today at 1-866-303-5118.

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