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  • Decades of experience in helping
    victims of traffic accidents.

    Our personal injury law firm has decades of experience in helping victims of traffic accidents.
  • Understand Health Care

    Our lawyers understand not just personal injury law but also the health care system.
  • Protect Your Rights

    Our team of personal injury lawyers is committed to protecting the rights of victims of serious accidents.
  • Specialize in Serious Injuries

    Our injury law firm focuses on cases involving brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and wrongful death.
  • Claims & Disputes Winners

    Our injury lawyers have vast experience in dealing with accident insurance claims and disputes.


  • 01
    Decades of Experience
  • 02
    Understand Health Care
  • 03
    Protect Your Rights
  • 04
    Specialize in Serious Injuries
  • 05
    Claims & Disputes Winners

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  • We represent clients who have suffered different injuries

    Our experience in handling catastrophic injuries is extensive. We’ve handled motor vehicle cases, and slip and fall accidents due to unsafe premises. Our goal is to obtain a favorable outcome for a client who has suffered any of the following injuries:

    • Broken legs
    • Broken arms
    • Broken hips
    • Broken necks
    • Broken hands and feet
    • Displaced fractures
    • Compound fractures
    • Fractured ankles

    We will protect you from an insurance company that wants to bully you into settling for compensation that you do not deserve. Meeting an insurance company without a lawyer is never recommended. Get in touch with our legal team first and let them handle the process of negotiating for a settlement. Our law firm takes time to prepare the case and gather all supporting documents and evidence to support your claim. We understand the law and insurance that comes into play in accidents that involve broken bones and fractures. Our clients’ rights are protected through proper legal representation.

  • Have You Sustained Broken Bones or Fractures in an Accident?

    Some of the most frequent injuries that we see as lawyers are fractures. Many of our clients who have been in car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents come to us after sustaining broken legs, ankles and shoulders. These fractures often require surgical repair and prolonged rehabilitation such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and the use of assistive devices.

    Like the victims of other catastrophic injuries, people who have suffered broken bones or fractures due to negligence often have a difficult time obtaining the compensation they deserve for their physical, emotional and financial damages.

  • We can help

    The team at Howard Yegendorf & Associates is here to help you. Should you need to meet with one of our lawyers to discuss your case face to face, you may visit our office in Ottawa, Toronto and the GTA, and throughout Eastern Ontario or give us your physical address and we will be at your office or home. We offer free initial consultation. Just call 613-237-5000 or 1-866-303-5118 to book.

Najma Rashid


“I decided to become a lawyer because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, to help those who are struggling to cope with a horrible situation that has forever altered their life. I am proud of what we do for people and families here.“
Najma Rashid, Partner.