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Enhancing Your Coverage with Optional Insurance Benefits

If you’re in a car accident and you have serious injuries that require hospitalization, surgeries, ongoing rehab and medications, your accident benefits coverage may not be enough for you.
Standard accident benefits include:

  • Income Replacement Benefits “” 70% of your gross income up to a maximum of $400/week.
  • Medical-Rehabilitation Funding “” maximum of $50,000 for a 10-year period.
  • Attendant Care “” maximum of $3,000 per month for a two year period.
  • Housekeeping “” not available.

Many individuals who have been seriously injured in car accidents with brain injuries, orthopedic injuries,
etc., will use up these amounts within six months to a year, especially if their therapeutic needs (like physio, occupational therapy, medications, assistive devices and supervisory care needs) are significant.

You can increase the above limits if you purchase optional coverage. For a small additional premium, you can purchase enhanced protection for yourself and your family members.