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Personal injury lawyers Brain and Head Trauma in Toronto

If you have suffered any form of brain injury or head trauma in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, then you need the personal injury lawyers at Yegendorf Rashid to help you get the care and advice that you need for your next steps.

Our personal injury lawyers in Toronto are knowledgeable in guiding clients who have suffered traumatic brain injury and are seeking rightful compensation for their injuries. Our team has the contacts and expertise to assess the types of compensation you may qualify for after an accident resulting in any form of brain injury or head trauma.

We can help in all forms of personal injury litigation and have the experience to settle your case outside of the court system and also represent you should your case go to trial.

With years of professional experience representing victims of brain injury, we know how to handle your personal injury litigation case to ensure you get the proper representation on your road to recovery.

Yegendorf Rashid are professionals in all areas of personal injury litigation related to accidents resulting in brain injury, including:

  • Non-OHIP medical costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Long term care
  • Loss of income and wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Depression

We also have the contacts and expertise to arrange for any psychological counselling and physical therapy you may require after your accident.

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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a head injury or altered cognitive functioning following an accident, contact our personal injury experts in Toronto to discuss your potential avenues for compensation or legal action.

When you are at your most vulnerable, we are there to take your call and offer a free consultation to guarantee that your needs are met quickly.

Contact us at 613-237-5000 or at 1-866-303-5118 to get a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers. We’ll help you to prepare for any possible legal action and will guide you through your legal options in Toronto. You may also visit our offices in Ottawa, Toronto and throughout Eastern Ontario.